Karen Yuschak- Mother and Student

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"A student of Sabomnim’s is ready. Their bodies are ready. They are ready in strength, power and correctness that wards off injury. I have seen this at tournaments with schools from all around the state. Our kids, from the basic to the best… are different. We’re Master Kim’s. We’re the example that should simply be the standard. We’re the example of training with integrity. In W. Kim’s Martial Arts Academy, this is the real thing."

Gilberte Pond – Mother of Tae Kwon Do Student

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"I must say it did not take more than one day to know how much Grandmaster Kim was devoted to what he was doing and the great connection he had with these kids. The children love & respect him so much and most of all his humor is full of wit."

Miguel Florez – Martial Arts, Hapkido Student

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"I have been involved in martial arts at several stages in my life. … It was in 2005 when I discovered the Dojang of Master Kim where Hapkido classes were offered. Right after having a long conversation with Master Kim, I just knew I had met a real traditional Hapkido Master that follows the traditional teachings like in the Korean ancient times. … Master Kim has the particularity of being one of the students coming directly from the lineage of the founder of Hapkido Dojunim Ji, Han Jae. Also, having studied and analyzed different martial arts during his whole life, Master Kim combines his experience and expertise in this teaching of this art by applying specific techniques, according to the natural physical abilities of his students."

Shane Gillespie – Martial Arts Student

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"I personally travel 35 miles, each way, to attend Master Kim’s classes. Why travel so far when I pass so many martial arts studios along the way? Because, he is simply the best. I have great respect for Master Kim and the training facility he has created. The attitude at the Do Jang is correct. It is a blend of the traditional Korean martial arts philosophy tailored to the western students. Keeping the essential elements of the art while making it more appealing to a wide audience here in the United States. "

Laurie Ellwood- Tae Kwon Do Student

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"Then I hear the words, "I can do it, you can do it, we can do it, Tae Kwon!" and I smile and think, maybe, just maybe I can!"

Nicholas Ciulla- Tae Kwon Do Student

Read Nicholas Ciulla’s Essay

"Every day I leave Tae Kwon Do with sweat dripping down my forehead and a smile on my face. Sabomnim’s personality always shines through and makes me happy. Strict and firm at times, and kind and humorous at others; he always raises my spirits no matter how bad any day was."

Thomas Berrie- Tae Kwon Do Student

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"You have done for me what no one else has ever done for me before. You have shown me a path and kept me on that path. You blocked very bad things from me. You have cared for me, you have loved me."

Ashton Boerner- Tae Kwon Do Student

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"Before I went to Tae Kwon Do I was a shy, scrawny, and weak. Now I am confident, a straight A student, a safety patrol at my school, and i owe it all to Tae Kwon Do."



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